Written By Paul Baffier

Paul, translator from Tibetan into English and French. He was trained at INALCO and Rangjung Yeshe Institute.

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In the turmoils of life, open your mind to the turtle’s awareness: a slow but mindful pace…

Escape ?

Most of the time I want to avoid bullying, gaslighting events in my life,
But these unwanted events can be keys to open awareness in unconfortable situations.

We try somehow to escape from the bad things of reality through spirituality
To superimpose a comfortable rabbit hole to the movements of life.

But embarking into those waves, following those ebbs and flows
Will develop our awareness to all circumstances, without trying to select good moments to meditate and bad times you have to run away from.

Is my mum sick?

Well, never turn away

That’s a good start to focus on what really matters in my relationship with her…

I open my mind to awareness

my relationship with her : a lot of attachment and anger
lying down
a true, authentical link

Am I bullied by people in the metro?
Well, that’s a new way to look at interactions between humans…

I open my mind to awareness

human beings : always trying
to get something from each others

And at the turtle’s pace, opening my mind to what comes, I discover that all those events
Are not events any more, they slowly slip out of the box,

the box of my concepts

Events are becoming occasions to open to awereness, like little exams of the everyday life,

And as the turtle comes closer to the ocean, those little exams cease to be challenging, they become attractive,

Like a party
offered in your honor, celebrating
the capacity of the mind : being luminous openness


Events are not events, but
The continuity of the turtle’s pace to freedom of limitations.

Bullies are not bullies, just
Little leprechauns dancing in, over the play of your mind.

Mum is not mum, just
A deep link to exert the profound purpose of awareness and compassion.

And even if the wind blows, the turtle will come to the great ocean.

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