Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

Adapting Dzogchen

This is the heart of the Dzogchen Today! project’s mission: to make the wisdom of a thousand year old tradition accessible today, in the present conditions.


What are the adaptations of the Dzogchen Today! project?

The Dzogchen Today! project focuses on making the spirituality, thinking, practice and experience of the Great Perfection tradition accessible to as many people as possible today.

Texts Adaptation
The traditional texts we still have access to today are in Tibetan. In addition to the traditional translation, an effort to adapt the texts to today’s thinking is being made by the project’s translation group.
Practice Adaptation
The traditional practice was usually done in privileged conditions and often in isolation from the world, something that is increasingly difficult to do today. The practice must adapt to our modern life.
Teachings Adaptation
The traditional teaching context was specific to the Tibetan cultural and linguistic area and it is now essential to adapt it to fit perfectly with our culture and our vision of life.
Rituals Adaptation
Traditional rituals can evolve to meet the way we live today, while preserving the living nature of the act and its profound meaning.
Living Conditions Adaptation
It is absolutely necessary that the practice of Dzogchen also helps us to adapt to the changing living conditions of today and tomorrow.

In the Dzogchen Today! project, specific working groups are developing a process of reflection and adaptation in five main areas of activity.

Living Conditions Adaptation

Rituals Adaptation

Teachings Adaptation

Texts Adaptation

Practice Adaptation

How to adapt Dzogchen today?

The adaptation of Dzogchen is on the one hand innovation and on the other hand the foundations. To innovate without roots is to forget where we come from and therefore not to know where we are going.


The most crucial thing is to adapt the forms while keeping the heart of the tradition fully alive in these new forms.

Preserving to Adapt, Adapting to Share, Sharing to Preserve. This is the heart of the Dzogchen Today! project


If you think, as we do, that the great traditions have a role to play in helping us meet today’s challenges, don’t hesitate to write to us, and we will see together how best you can participate.

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