December 14, 2022

“Dzogchen in Everyday Life” – 2nd Episode:

Dzogchen and the “relief” of emotions on a daily basis 1

In this second episode of the series “Dzogchen in Everyday Life”, Mila Khyentse and Gregoire Langouet talk about the emotions according to the tradition of Great Perfection and especially what is determined as “disturbing” emotions and what we can do about them.

Host: Marie-Laure.


Few of us are familiar with our own emotions. Most of the time, we endure them and do not know how to have an impact on them. This is simply because we don’t know them well. The Great Perfection shows us how, through concrete examples, we can get to know them and how they work, and finally appease them.

Mila Khyentse and Gregoire Langouet tell us what we can do to master our emotions in our daily life thanks to a tradition and thousand-year-old techniques.


Dzogchen is an easily accessible tradition, which can be practiced in many different ways in our daily lives and which focuses on the liberation from suffering and the implementation of the means to achieve it. But, how to do it?

Recap & Takeaways

“Dzogchen in Everyday Life” series- 2nd Episode: Dzogchen and the “relief” of emotions on a daily basis 1.

-In the Dzogchen tradition we speak about emotions and more precisely about “disturbing” emotions. Definition & examples.

-The process and functioning of the (disturbing) emotions according to Great Perfection.

-How the practice of Dzogchen reduces and even eliminates disturbing emotions. With practical examples.

-Tricks, tips and even a very short practice we could use in our daily life as takeaways.

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