May 10, 2023

“What is Dzogchen?” Episode 5: What is meant by Base?

In this fifth episode of the “What is Dzogchen?” series, Mila Khyentse Rinpoche and Damien Brohon present one of the central triptychs of the Dzogchen teachings called “Base, Path, and Fruition”, focusing on the Base, which is the basis of reality. In this episode, we discover the specific characteristics of the Base and its various modes of manifestation. Moreover, we come to understand that the Basis of reality is the fundamental nature of our mind, which is potentially both the primordial Base and the Base of all phenomena.

Host: Vincent


“What is Dzogchen?” Episode 5

The Base is one of the fundamental teachings of Dzogchen, it is at the same time the fundamental primordial nature and the basis of emergence of all phenomena. It is the result of the Great Perfection because it can only be at the Base. To know the Base is to know the Great Perfection.


Dzogchen is an easily accessible tradition, which can be practiced in many different ways in our daily lives and which focuses on the liberation from suffering and the implementation of the means to achieve it.

Recap & Takeaways

“What is Dzogchen?” Episode 5: The Base according to the Great Perfection.

1- General presentation of the triptych “Base-Path-Fruition” – 1’34 (question) // 1’43 (answer)

2- What is meant by Base – 3’35 // 3’38

3- What are the characteristics of the Ground/Base – 6’40 // 7’05

4- What are the 3 modes of manifestation of the Base – 13’56 // 14’36

5- What is the distinction between primordial Ground and Ground of all the phenomena – 18’58 // 19’09

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