January 11, 2023

“What is Dzogchen?”

Episode 3 : Is there a tradition of Dzogchen?

In this third episode of the series “What is Dzogchen?”, Mila Khyentse and Gregoire Langouet discuss the Dzogchen tradition, its lineages and their richness.

Host : Marie-Laure.

What is Dzogchen?-Episode 3

In this third episode, Mila Khyentse and Gregoire Langouet address the questions of the reality of the Dzogchen tradition, the differences between schools and lineages, its guarantors…


The richness and complexity of the teachings, lineages and various branches make Dzogchen one of the great traditions of humanity. Yet it is not linear and unique, but multiple and very diverse.

Essential Points & Takeaways

“What is Dzogchen? » series, episode 3: Is there a tradition of Dzogchen?
-How can we say that Dzogchen is a tradition?;
-Can we speak of several Dzogchen traditions?
-The differences between schools and lineages in Dzogchen;
-The guarantors of the Dzogchen tradition.

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