June 05, 2024

“Dzogchen in Everyday Life” – 10th Episode: Frenzy and Dissatisfaction

As a continuation of the series “The Relief of Emotions on a Daily basis,” we dedicate a special series to families of emotions directly related to the ongoing climate upheavals. In this tenth episode of “Dzogchen in Everyday Life”, Mila Khyentse Rinpoche and Christophe Renard take a closer look at emotions related to chronic dissatisfaction.

Host: Marie-Laure

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Modern societies are often characterized by an insatiable thirst for consumption of all kinds, for “more and more”, sometimes to the point of addiction. The mechanism always seems to be the same: a compulsive desire to consume in an attempt to compensate for chronic dissatisfaction, a lack of satisfaction with what we already have. And climate change might have something to do with it…

Can we do anything about it? Certainly, if we are to believe the Great Perfection tradition, which shows us through concrete examples how to gain clarity about the process of emotions and thus how to appease them.


Dzogchen is a directly accessible tradition that can be practiced in a variety of ways in our daily lives, focusing on liberation from suffering and the means to achieve it.

In this episode, Christophe Renard and Mila Khyentse discuss the chronic dissatisfaction that often characterizes us: its causes, its mechanisms, and what Dzogchen offers as a solution!

Recap & Takeaways

Series “Dzogchen in Everyday Life” – 10th episode: Dzogchen and the “relief” of everyday emotions: frenzy and dissatisfaction.

  1. Christophe shares his personal experience of frenzy and dissatisfaction. 3’30
  2. The thirst or craving: the process of becoming according to the Dzogchen tradition.  6’30
  3. Distinguishing the process of becoming from the nature of mind. 11’18
  4. Stepping back to see more clearly: Christophe’s example of the wardrobe. 12’30
  5. How to release craving: Mila Khyentse’s simple and direct practice to apply in our daily life. 16’12

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