December 07, 2022

“Dzogchen in Everyday Life” Episode 1: Dzogchen and the World today

In this first episode of the series “Dzogchen in Everyday Life”, Mila Khyentse and Gregoire Langouet talk about what it means to integrate the practice of the Great Perfection into our daily lives and what it can bring us on a daily basis.

Host: Marie-Laure.


Few of us are familiar with the practice of spirituality on a daily basis. Usually this type of practice is restricted to specialists or on special days or rituals. However, what Dzogchen can bring to us in everyday life is exceptional.

Mila Khyentse and Gregoire Langouet tell us what we can do to improve our daily life thanks to a tradition and thousand-year-old techniques.


Dzogchen is an easily accessible tradition, which can be practiced in many different ways in our daily lives and which focuses on the liberation from suffering and the implementation of the means to achieve it. But, how to do it?

Recap & Takeaways

“Dzogchen in Everyday Life” series. Episode 1: Dzogchen and the World today.

-Dzogchen is to “practice with the conditions”. What does this mean?

-How can the practice of Dzogchen answer our daily challenges?

-Dzogchen practice is an invisible practice: no one can see when we are doing it. This may be an asset today, but what does it really mean?

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