July 19, 2023

“What is Dzogchen?” Episode 6: The Path of Dzogchen

In this sixth episode of the series “What is Dzogchen?”, Mila Khyentse and Damien Brohon talk about the path of Dzogchen.

Host: Vincent.

photo: Mareva Bernard

In this sixth episode, Mila Khyentse Rinpoche and Damien Brohon present one of the central triptychs of the Dzogchen teachings called “Base, Path, and Fruition”, focusing on the Path. During this episode, we discover what “path” really means according to the tradition, and how to walk it. Moreover, we learn about the steps of the practice on the path, and we came to understand that we need to be guided by an authentic master.


One of the main teachings of Dzogchen is the triptych called “Base, Path and Fruit”. The primordial Base of our own mind, the necessary path to its realization and the realization itself. In this episode, the focus is on the path.

Recap & Takeaways

“What is Dzogchen?” series, Episode 6: The Path of Dzogchen

1- What is meant by “path” in Dzogchen? Question: 1’45 Answer: 2’14

2: How to walk this path? Question: 7’38 Answer: 8’01

3: From a practical point of view what are the steps? Question: 13’01 Answer: 13’15

4: Do we need to be guided or can we follow the path of Dzogchen alone? Question: 19’34 Answer: 20’00

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