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You will find all the articles about Dzogchen, its adaptation, its translation, its integration into everyday life and a lot of other things here. We update this page regularly, so please come back often.

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The Dzogchen World of Translators and Translations

Translation as Adaptation

In this article Gregoire explains us what it is to translate Dzogchen, a few of its pitfalls and a sip of its endless possibilities.Rigpa - the essence of the tradition The translation of Tibetan texts into English is a direct application of...

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Dzogchen and Daily Life


 "In a hundred years, all the people you know will be dead and gone" DustIn the subway, my eyes fell on some dust in the corner of my suitcase. It was like a click, a door that opened on the sudden realization that even a suitcase doesn't last forever. "Even Mona Lisa...

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